ABS President shares his heart for DR Congo

Below is an excerpt from his article:

Most of us in America are given to hyperbole in our everyday conversations.

“Traffic was brutal.”

“The meeting was horrendous.”

“Yesterday was a nightmare.”

“You won’t believe what happened.”

It isn’t a big deal that we tend to speak this way. But it does create a problem that I can’t figure out how to overcome.

When you use the word “brutal” to describe an extra 15 minutes of commuting time, what word is left to adequately describe the repeated violent rape of a 15 year old that leaves her unable to walk and unable to bear children?

If we casually refer to a meeting as “horrendous,” what word can we use to express the actual horror of a woman watching her child get abducted while she herself is attacked and her husband killed?

You get my point. And while our desensitization to these words will undoubtedly hinder my ability to communicate the depth and breadth of the trauma that has been inflicted upon the women of the Democratic Republic of the Congo during decades of conflict, I’ll press on and try to get my message across.

The United Nations has called Congo “the rape capital of the world.” Others have called it the most dangerous place in the world today to be a woman. Think about that for a moment. Of all the brutal back alleys and byways in the world, of all the places where peril is ever-present, this one spot in Africa has topped the list. The brutality that women in the Congo have repeatedly endured is actually unfathomable and indescribable.
How does a person heal from a trauma so personal, brutal and life-altering? How does a community, a nation, heal? Is it even possible?

To read the rest go to: http://huff.to/kqlSPt

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