After waiting 60 years, She FINALLY received her First Bible.

“Scripture started to make more meaning in my life.”

Shanitah* has known many challenges throughout her life. Though she found strength in her faith, she, like many people in Uganda, did not have sufficient access to the Bible, despite how much she wished for it. For decades, she faced her hardships without Scripture to guide her.

Shanitah did not always share her faith with her husband. She says, “When I got married to my husband, he cared less about his Christian life. This made it very difficult for me to continue with my Christian journey.”

But when her son suffered a deadly accident, Shanitah prayed for him to survive, and he did. She says, “God heard my cry. This made me trust God more.”

These harrowing trials only increased her longing to hold God’s Word in her hands and heart.

Finally, through the generosity our Partners, Shanitah’s prayers were answered. After nearly 60 years as a Christian, she finally received a Bible of her very own!

Bible Society staff told us, “Shanitah danced and celebrated with joy, thanking the Lord for her new Bible.”

When her husband died, she says, “Scripture started to make more meaning in my life. My desire to have a Bible in my home intensified daily. The greatest encounter I have had is when I got a Bible of my own.”

We are to grateful to our committed donors for providing Bibles to people like Shanitah who long to draw near to God through His Word. Their faithful support helps bring the light of the Gospel into their hearts.

*Names changed for privacy

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