“I’m Thankful to God because He has forgiven Me.”

A former Witch Doctor finds peace and forgiveness in God’s Word

In a remote mountain village in Central Mexico, the local witch doctor for the Huastec people has retired. At 92 years old, Antonio* surrendered his life to Jesus, renounced his witchcraft, along with his idols, and gave up drinking alcohol!

Antonio carried tremendous anger and guilt over horrible things he had done in his past. His drunken rages nearly destroyed his family, but he was trapped in a cycle that he couldn’t break on his own. After Antonio became ill last year and could no longer walk, he learned that people from the Bible Society had made the dangerous journey to his village to share audio Bibles in the Huastec language.

It was the first time he heard the Gospel message in his heart language. “Now,” Antonio shares, “God has given me peace in my heart. I’m thankful to God because He has forgiven me, and for the audio Bible that I listen to every day.”

When the local pastor visits, Antonio’s wife and some of his grandchildren gather to listen, pray, and worship together. Antonio shares, “I turn 93 very soon, and I want to get baptized.”

We are touched by the heart of our partners for caring enough to help share God’s Word to the far corners of the world so that thousands of the unreached can find forgiveness for their sins and come to know Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior.

*Name changed for privacy

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