You’re Reaching Bolivian Children with God’s Word in their native language.

Bringing joy to children’s hearts with “Bible Story Kits”.

Like many countries in Latin America, Bolivia is home to a number of indigenous people groups. The Guaraní people have their own distinct language and history, but since the pandemic, many communities have suffered increased corruption, unemployment, poverty, and depression.

Last year, the Bible Society set out to provide God’s Word where it was needed most, going to previously unreached Guaraní children living in rural villages. They brought special Bible Story Kits, which contained Bible booklets, literacy primers, and Scripture notebooks — all in the Guaraní language — as well as crayons and pencils.

The children were overjoyed! They were amazed to see the words of God in their unique heart language. “There are no words to describe the joy that the children’s faces convey when they see that the Bible stories are in their language!” said a Bible Society Staff Member. We’re so thankful to our financial partners for helping these unreached children learn that there is a God who loves them and cares about them.

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Thanks to the support of our faithful financial partners, American Bible Society has been engaging people with the life-changing message of God’s Word for more than 200 years.

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