“At last, I have a Bible!”

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Josiane* was a widow with two small children living in Togo, one of the poorest nations of the world. She used what little money she had for a small piece of land and a tiny house. She even started a small business to provide for her children.

She remarried and had another child. Then Josiane became very ill. While she was in a coma in the hospital, her husband left her and the children. Through tears, she recalls, “I was ruined by that man. My business completely collapsed.” She was devastated.

Then Josiane heard that the JESUS Film was to be shown nearby. She was intrigued because they said it would be in her native language of Ewe. “I was surprised to hear Jesus Himself speaking my language in the movie. I marveled seeing the miracles Jesus performed in the film and wept when they were crucifying Him on the cross.”

The movie left Josiane thinking about her lifestyle . . . but she was not yet ready to give up idol worship. Then she began attending an audio Bible listening group. She says, “When I was listening to Jesus speaking to me through the audio Bible, I understood that I suffered because I was living a sinful life.”

Josiane committed her life to following Jesus! However, she still had no money to buy a Bible of her own. She was overjoyed when she was given a Bible in her heart language. Holding it close, she said, “At last, I have a Bible!” Now her children have become interested in reading it too, and she tells her relatives all that Jesus has done in her life.

Thank you to our partners for making it possible for people all over the world, like Josiane, to know new life through Christ Jesus.

*Name changed for privacy

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