Audio Bibles Impact Ugandan Nursing Home

“I can hear God speak to me.”

Willy didn’t have many choices in life. He was forced to quit school early to work in Uganda’s copper mines. After the underground work damaged his lungs, Willy was forced to retire with just a thank you for his service. And with his family unable to care for him, Willy was forced to live in a nursing home.

Again and again, Willy accepted the inevitable. But this time, with his life winding down, he had one nagging thought. “How will I be remembered?” he asked.

His legacy would not be his years in the mine. That meant little to him. But because of the generosity of Bible Society friends, Willy found his calling in his golden years. With their support, an Audio Bible Ministry came to his community and Willy discovered his life’s true work.

A volunteer from the Bible Society introduced Willy to the End to End Ministry, which gives people the chance to hear the New Testament on Audio Bibles. People are encouraged to join a listening group that meets weekly to listen to Scripture together. It was perfect for Willy, who always struggled to read.

“Joy filled my heart after she explained to me the whole idea of the program,” says Willy. “I requested to join immediately. I knew very well I might get a chance to share the Word of God with my fellow elderly people.”

Willy organized four listening groups at the nursing home. Each meets weekly. He also organizes fellowship times that bring the four groups together. “I make sure my group members receive and listen to the talking Bible, and I find out what they heard and learned,” he says.

The Audio Bible has also given Willy the chance to connect with his heavenly Father in an intimate way.

“The talking Bible speaks directly to me in my language. I didn’t have to read my print Bible that I used to struggle to read. I tell you my faith returned now that I can hear God speak to me directly in my own language,” he says.

Willy finally found a way to make a mark in life. “As long as I live, I will continue to share the Word of God with my fellow elderly people in my community,” he says. “Even if I die now, the work will continue to prevail amidst the people of my village. They will continue to understand the living God and their faith will be lifted through the talking Bible. Thank you … everyone who works towards sending us the talking Bibles.”

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