Audio Bibles are Transforming Communities in Liberia!

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For believers in Liberia like Pastor George*, a lack of Bibles can make it difficult to share the Gospel with others. In addition, those in Liberia who can’t afford a Bible of their own are deprived of the hope of Scripture. Juliet* knows this well.

Juliet and her husband struggled to make ends meet. She says, “My husband is a very good farmer, but there came a time when he got sick during farming season, causing us to starve and go without money.”

But thanks to our dedicated Partners, people like Pastor George and Juliet are receiving life-changing print and audio Bibles in Liberia and beyond!

Through her audio Bible listening group, Juliet gained a new faith that sustained her. She says “I joined the audio Bible listening group where we were taught to pray for our situations. That teaching changed my life completely.” Since learning to rely on the Lord, Juliet’s husband has recovered, and their crops have flourished.

Pastor George was able to share the Good News with his community in a similar way. He says, “Many people in our congregation who couldn’t come for church are coming to the audio Bible listening group.”

Pastor George says that the change is all due to the audio Bibles, and the way they help him disciple those around him. Now that he has the tools to share the Gospel, many have joined his congregation and are finding new life in Jesus.

The generosity of our friends is bringing the Bible to people in Liberia like Juliet and Pastor George and is transforming lives and communities. We are grateful for their faithful support.

*Names changed for privacy

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