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Resources for daily Scripture engagement

American Bible Society, along with some of our trusted partners, has created resources to help all generations engage Scripture. Here's a snapshot of just a few, across a range of technology platforms. We hope you will find one or more of them useful additions to your regular Bible study practices and share them with others.

Featured Resource: The Least of These

Learn more about God's heart for widows and orphans through The Least of These, a 40-day devotional journey that explores topics including mercy, abuse and power. The devotions offer a daily reminder that God cares about people in all times and all circumstances.

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Bible Search

Have you ever wondered where the Bible talks about Moses? Where would you look if you needed to find a Scripture passage in Spanish? Bring these questions and more to BibleSearch, a Bible study tool created and designed by American Bible Society. BibleSearch allows you to make notes on passages and browse multiple versions and translations of the Bible so that you can hide God's Word in your heart at a deeper level.

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Financial Stewardship Journey

God's Word applies to all parts of your life. Even your finances. You can learn more of what the Bible says about money by signing up for a 40-day devotional journey on Financial Stewardship.

You can also check out the Financial Stewardship Bible, designed by American Bible Society to help you understand God's role in your finances. The Financial Stewardship Bible features over 2,000 highlighted verses about money and a special center section to facilitate group discussion and reflection on biblical stewardship.

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Help your church or Bible study dig even deeper into the Bible in just 20 minutes with DayPack, a new tool that allows you to create your own daily devotional journey for distribution through email, text and social media. DayPack is perfect for church and Bible study leaders who want to develop a customized devotional that fits the needs of their congregation.

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Thanks to the support of our faithful financial partners, American Bible Society has been engaging people with the life-changing message of God’s Word for more than 200 years.

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