“Everything changed when I began to seek God in His Word.”

The Bible changes the lives of a Muslim couple in Bosnia

When Amar* was just 11 years old, his parents divorced, and his father abandoned him at an orphanage in Bosnia. Amar’s world was shattered. He tried to follow Islam in the orphanage, saying, “I hoped Allah would fill my heart with the love and attention that I did not receive from my parents.” But by the time Amar was a teenager, he no longer followed any religion.

After a failed relationship at 19, Amar became very depressed and even contemplated suicide. “But then,” he shares, “a Christian friend visited me and prayed for me. He told me God had a plan for my life.” Soon after, Amar heard the Gospel for the first time at a Christian camp and received his first Bible from the Bible Society. He diligently studied Scripture for the next year and ultimately surrendered his life to Christ!

“Everything changed when I began to seek God in His Word,” Amar says with a confident smile. “It gave me the answers I was looking for. The Bible created hope deep inside of me.” Many of Amar’s friends rejected him because of his faith, but he continues to share the truth with those who ask. He was sharing his testimony at a non-Christian camp when he met Hana*, who was a volunteer. She had been raised in a Muslim home but had become an atheist.

Hana began attending church with Amar and reading the Bible. She shares, “Everything made more sense to me . . . I realized that the Bible is the true, living Word of God, and the more I read, my life, attitudes, and character changed.”

Amar and Hana have been married for six years now. They love ministering to at-risk children, orphans, and teens in Bosnia, sharing the hope of God’s Word with them. Were so grateful to our dedicated partners that helped make Bibles available to people who are hungry to know Jesus!

*Names changed for privacy

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