“Now, I know who the True God is.”

You're changing lives and eternities for people in rural China and around the world.

Kang* was orphaned as a young boy, and he still remembers how difficult it was to grow up in rural China without the guidance of his parents. When he was old enough, Kang began to work in the farming community, and still carries heavy bags of cement six days a week.

Soon, Kang got married, but he and his wife remained childless for many years. Then, they received surprising news: his wife was expecting. Since she was beyond normal childbearing years, her doctors encouraged them to abort the child. But they refused.

Kang was not a Christian, but at that time, he made a covenant with the God he did not yet know. He asked for his wife and child to come through delivery safely. Months later, when his little girl was born, Kang was delighted — and remembered his vow.

“I promised to believe in God,” Kang explains. “I found a Bible at the church where they kept them for people like me who were seeking.” Kang fervently studied the Bible he received through the generosity of our partners.

With a beaming smile, Kang shares, “I am a careful reader and somewhat slow. It took me five years to read through the Bible. By the time I was finished, I believed Jesus died for me. Now, I know who the true God is.” Kang led his wife and child to faith in Jesus, and they are all serving together in the local church.

For millions of people like Kang living in China’s remote, rural farming regions, there are no stores that sell Bibles. Even if there were, farmers struggling in poverty wouldn’t be able to afford the price. We are thankful for the eternal impact made on lives through the Bibles our generous donors help provide.

*Name changed for privacy

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