“My faith was tested after I accepted Jesus.”

Alika* grew up in a Muslim home in West Africa. Her father is known as an Alhaji, having made the journey to Mecca, and her siblings are all very devout in their faith. Alika had heard others mention Jesus before, but it never mattered until someone invited her to watch the JESUS Film. “I was happy when I watched the JESUS Film,” Alika recalls. “I had joy. I didn’t know I could have that kind of joy!”

Afterward, she began attending the audio Bible listening group in her area. Since she is unable to read, the opportunity to hear God’s Word in her heart language helped her grow in her knowledge and faith. She says, “I felt like somebody sat with me, reading the Bible to me.”

Alika’s decision to follow Jesus was a shock to her family, and she felt their scorn and ridicule deeply. “My faith was tested after I accepted Jesus,” she explains. Her seamstress shop burned down during a conflict between tribal communities. Days later, her son became critically ill, and she feared he might die. With her livelihood destroyed and her son struggling to survive, she felt like her world had come to an end.

Thankfully, Alika’s pastor and church both encouraged her and prayed for her family. Her son made a full recovery, and her customers brought their garments directly to her home, providing her with more business than she formerly had in her shop. Through it all, her faith grew stronger — and her character has changed. Witnessing her transformation, Alika’s father instructed her siblings not to harass her on her journey with Jesus.

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*Name changed for privacy

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