“Having the Bible in a combat zone is critical.”

Troops cling to God’s Word for comfort

As a retired lieutenant colonel, Andrew Rice* knows what it’s like to be on the frontlines.

He was deployed twice to Iraq and assigned in Korea. He served in both the Navy on a nuclear submarine and in the Army as a psychologist. He was deployed with Special Forces and often in convoys on the ground. Through it all, Andrew says his Bible was a critical comfort while in harm’s way.

“Having the Bible in a combat zone is critical. Having verses of support and encouragement available to read gave a sense of peace and protection,” he says. “I’ve acquired different Bibles over the years and have always appreciated the generosity of the Chaplains who provided them. I’d always have the Bible in my rucksack whenever I would go different places.”

Before going on a mission, Andrew says he would always read Psalm 91 and pray. “When I got where I was going, I would thank God for getting me there safely,” he says.

Andrew was particularly grateful one time for protection when an IED went off right in front of his vehicle. In another instance, Andrew offered emotional assistance to traumatized Troops when a string of IEDs killed six platoon members.

He says God’s Word makes a world of difference. “The Bible is the foundation of everything. The Bible is the book on basically how to live your life, and also how to find peace and comfort. Trying to do it in our own strength is just not gonna cut it.”

Thank you to our generous partners for sharing the comfort and peace of Scripture with our American heroes on the frontlines.

*Name changed for privacy

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