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Pastor An, who is helping revise the Old Khmer Bible, at the opening of the country's first Bible House in August 2012. Photo credit: Grace Smith

Bolivia - Bibles for Orphans

The Bolivian Bible Society is working with social service organizations to help the country's street children and at-risk children. While the social services supply shelter, food, healthcare and an education, the Bolivian Bible Society helps ensure the children receive God's Word so they can grow up with Christian values and an active faith.

This project will provide 6,000 age-appropriate Bibles to children ages 5 to 18 in six Bolivian cities.

“I live here in REMAR (an orphanage in Bolivia) since my dad died and my mother abandoned me,” an 11-year-old recipient of an illustrated Bible said.

“Here I feel [at] home ... but sometimes I'm a little sad. I was so happy with the illustrated Bibles that you gave us. I like to read Bible stories [such as the one about] Joseph. I think his story is very similar with me because he was loved by his father and also he knew [how] to overcome the temptations.”

Cambodia - Outreach Takes Root

The Bible Society of Cambodia opened its first operational base in the capital city of Phnom Penh in August of 2012. The Cambodian Bible Society first began work in 1968, but its operations were shutdown from 1975-1993 during the reign and aftermath of Communist dictator Pol Pot.

The new building will serve as a hub for Bible Society work, including Bible translation, reconciliation workshops, prison ministry and HIV/AIDS outreach. “May this new building and the Bible Society help establish the Word of God at the heart of our country forever,” Bible translator Pastor An said at the opening ceremony.

Every Tribe Every Nation - Bible Access for Millions

Over 1 billion people do not have the Bible in their own language. Even more lack access to Scripture that has already been translated. But Every Tribe Every Nation, a joint effort of American Bible Society, Wycliffe and Biblica, is at the forefront of addressing this great need for God's Word.

Through Every Tribe Every Nation, the leading Bible translation organizations unite to make the translation process as fast as possible. They are also working together to digitize versions of the Bible so that even people in remote villages can access Scripture electronically through phones or electronic devices.

Currently the digital Bible Library holds nearly 300 translations in 215 languages from 61 Bible Societies. By 2015, the project will have digitized the Bible in over 1,000 languages, giving millions of people the ability to treasure God's Word in their hearts.

Read more about this project at:

Ghana - Listening and growing

In the West African country of Ghana, nearly seventy percent of people profess faith in Christ. Yet Islam is on the rise. The Bible Society of Ghana is launching a new project to place Bibles in the hands of new believers coming from a Muslim background, as well as needy Christians who do not have access to Scripture. Through listening groups organized by Faith Comes by Hearing®, these Bibles will allow listeners to hear God's Word. Over 5,000 such listening groups are currently in existence in Ghana.

Kuwait - Learning and applying God's Word

Sixty-eight percent of people living in Kuwait are expatriates, many hailing from such countries as Bangladesh, India, Sri Lanka, and the Philippines. The Bible society of the Gulf supports churches that are reaching out to these expatriates, equipping them with Bibles and DVDs of the Jesus Film. The Bible Society also offers seminars on topics such as the Ten Commandments.

Michael, who attended such a seminar, expressed his thanks to the Bible Society for giving him the opportunity to learn more about God's Word. “I found the practical implementations of the Ten Commandments extremely helpful,” Michael says, “especially ‘don't steal.'” Through the continued work of the Bible Society, many more like Michael can be reached with the practical, relevant, and life-changing message of God's Word.

Uganda - Taking the Bible to Heart

Church leaders, business professionals and government officials from across Africa gathered in Uganda at the third annual African Bible Leadership Initiative (ABLI) Forum to learn how God's Word applies to their lives and their countries. The forum, sponsored by American Bible Society and the British and Foreign Bible Society, challenged attendees to look at how the Bible informs issues such as homelessness and trauma healing.

“The Bible is inspiring a generation of African leaders, whether in business, politics, diplomacy or the church. And ABLI is inspiring the church to apply the gospel,” British and Foreign Bible Society's Program Manager David Smith said.

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