“I want to give God a try.”

Helping prisoners in El Salvador find Christ.

“I have been exposed to many waves of abuse that have marked my emotional health,” says Mariel*, a former gang member in El Salvador.

There was a time when Mariel had no home. Work was scarce, and gang violence gripped her country. Mariel was a constant target for violence against girls. She turned to a gang for protection, but associating with them eventually led to her arrest. She was imprisoned along with hundreds of other women.

Prison conditions were unhealthy and cramped.

She says her greatest challenge was “being inside of the jail, paying for the wrong decisions I have made in life. Feeling lonely and not being loved was hard. I was empty.”

But thanks to our generous partners, Mariel received her first Bible — and is beginning her journey of finding and following God.

“I hope reading this Bible can help me make better decisions and change how I am. I want to find peace in this book.”

Mariel continued, “This Bible was the first gift I have received in many years. It makes me feel special. They told me this is the Word of God and I want to give God a try. Many of my inmate partners have told me it is the best decision I can make.”

The faithful support of our partners is fulfilling the command of the Lord to remember those in prison: “Remember those who are in prison, as though you were in prison with them. Remember those who are suffering, as though you were suffering as they are.” (Hebrews 13:3 GNT).

We are so thankful for our generous partners for helping provide Bibles for hurting prisoners in El Salvador and beyond.

*Names changed for privacy

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