“I read the New Testament that you gave me every day.”

Bringing hope to laborers in the Arabian Peninsula

Every year, thousands of people like Amir* and Suraj* flock to the Arabian Peninsula, desperate for employment. They come from all over the Middle East and Asia, hoping for honest work to support their families back home.

Sadly, even when these people can find jobs, they often face difficult conditions.

They labor in 120-degree heat all day, then return to their “dormitories” where they are very primitive.

They need the strength and fortitude that can be found in Scripture. Thankfully, our generous partners are sharing the Good News with these hardworking people.

“My wife and I lost our jobs,” Amir says. “We continued reading the New Testament you gave us in our language. We prayed hard and did not lose hope. In this time of difficulty, the Lord stayed with us. It was a miracle when we were offered a job. Praise be to God.”

And because such a diverse group comes to the Arabian Peninsula, we have a unique opportunity to reach people in many heart languages at once. Then, when they return to their home country, they bring their Scriptures with them and the Good News spreads.

Suraj plans on doing exactly that.

“I read the New Testament that you gave me every day,” he says. “I try to apply what I read to my daily life. I especially like to read the Acts of the Apostles. I have so much to learn and grow in my faith before I go back to my village.”

Support of this ministry has helped provide over 6,000 New Testaments in 2019, and support of this ministry has helped us distribute over 4,000 New Testaments in 2020. It is only because of your ongoing generosity that we can continue this important and life-changing work and we are so thankful.

*Names changed for privacy

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