“It was a God-sent gift” during a terrifying war.

Providing Bibles to all those who are seeking God as they have lost everything.

Over a year and a half of war and uncertainty has forever changed the hearts and lives of the people of Ukraine. Many people like Eugenia* have lost their homes in the conflict, and over 13 million people have been displaced.

Eugenia was looking forward to retirement from teaching when war broke out, and eventually, a mortar shell destroyed her home, forcing her to flee. The stress and pain she experienced induced panic attacks, and the Russian language she had taught for so long began to cause her immense pain as a reminder of violence and death.

Though she had never owned a Bible before, the conflict and the emotional scars that came with the trauma and uncertainty led her to seek peace and hope in God’s Word.

Through the faithful generosity of our Partners, Eugenia received the Scriptures she longed for and finally found hope and healing!

The support provided from our friends helps deliver Bibles to people throughout Ukraine who have faced unimaginable fear and uncertainty. We thank them for providing Ukrainians and others around the world with strength and hope through God’s Word.

*Names changed for privacy

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