Lebanon: 15,000 Child Refugees Find Refuge in God’s Word

Children fleeing violence in Syria and Palestine experience God's love through his Word and a Bible-based drama program.

American Bible Society is partnering with Bible Society in Lebanon to help child refugees find hope and healing through Scripture. This ministry brings God’s Word to life for these children through an interactive dramatic presentation of Bible stories. Last year, 15,000 children experienced God’s grace through this creative Bible-based drama, and 1,000 families took home copies of the Arabic Peace & Justice Bible.

In recent years, Lebanon has become a place of refuge for millions of Syrians and Palestinians fleeing the violence in their homelands. Among these refugees, thousands of children spend their formative years struggling to make sense of the trauma they endure. Entire generations are born in crowded, under-resourced refugee camps, where hope for the future is often bleak. With your support, they are able to find refuge and restoration in the promises of Scripture.

You can bring hope and healing to refugees! Visit ABSRecord.com/Bibles

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