“My Heart was Heavy, Full of Wounds.”

You're helping people receive their first Bible and heal their hearts.

Daily life in Rwanda can be very difficult, especially for people — like Kalisa — who live in extremely poor rural areas. She tries to earn a little money selling the beans she grows at the local market, but even that can be a dangerous undertaking. Kalisa’s hardships were compounded during the COVID-19 lockdowns when her husband began to violently abuse her in front of her children. She took her children and fled for a time but realized she was in more danger away from home.

Everything began to change when Kalisa’s neighbor invited her to attend the trauma healing Bible-based small group that was being offered through her church. “My heart was heavy, full of wounds,” Kalisa recalls. “But I learned that God has power to heal our wounds. It helped me learn to read the Bible I received. My Bible brought joy!”

Since attending the trauma healing outreach, Kalisa has returned home and found that her husband had changed as well. “He was very happy to see me, and the violence has stopped,” she shares. “We are reading our Bible every evening at home. We praise the Lord for that! My kids like to read the Bible, and I thank God that you brought a copy for my children, too.”

The trauma healing ministry has impacted nearly half a million people in 139 countries and 155 languages. We’re so blessed to have faithful donors helping to provide Bibles and Scripture resources that transform lives!

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