The Bibles you help provide are changing lives and eternities in China.

Huan* and his wife Lanying* are no strangers to hardship and suffering. They survived China’s Great Famine in the late 1950s and were swept up in China’s Cultural Revolution from 1966 to 1976. As part of the Red Guard, they were zealous in their beliefs, persecuting friends, neighbors, and even family members for the cause.

But guilt over what they’d done began to weigh heavily on their hearts. Huan and Lanying’s sense of shame and desperation deepened when their first child died soon after he was born. They believed his death must have been the result of the evil acts they had committed in the past. With broken hearts, they wondered if there was a God and if they could ever be forgiven.

Thankfully, Christianity could be practiced openly again after the Revolution ended, and the couple began to hear others talk about Jesus. They visited a local church, and, in time, they gradually gained an understanding of God. But without a Bible of their own, they couldn’t meditate on Scripture or deepen their understanding.

Finally, thanks to friends like you, Huan and Lanying received their first Bible! Reading it together, they embraced the grace and forgiveness of God that is available to them through Jesus Christ.

“After reading the New Testament,” Lanying shares, “I learned how much Jesus loves us, and now, I want to live for Him, to show Him I love Him too.” With a smile, Huan adds, “The Bible is now an essential part of our lives. Once, we were soldiers of man. Today, we are soldiers of a heavenly King.”

Thank you for helping deliver the eternity-changing message of God’s Word to people in China who need to know Jesus!

*Name changed for privacy

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