Reaching the Next Generation with a Bible in Their Heart Language

“My son cannot stop listening to the Bible.”

Have you ever tried reading a book written in Old English and published centuries ago? If you have, you know how difficult it can be to understand. It’s English, but very different from how we read, write, and speak today. Yet, this has been the reality for Hebrew-speaking Christians all over Israel.

The current printed Hebrew Bible is ancient, going back more than 2,000 years. Its ancient dialect is especially difficult for children like Hannah to read and understand.

Hannah, a young Israeli girl, came to the Bible Society to tell us she was a new believer in Christ and to ask for a Hebrew Bible. Thanks to the support of Bible Society friends, Hannah received a recently translated Hebrew Audio Bible that is much easier to understand. Shortly after she started listening, Hannah began to cry.

“You don’t understand,” she told us. “I have a learning disorder, and it is very difficult for me to read and understand the Bible. Now I can understand the Bible, and it is wonderful. Thank you so much.”

Thanks to our financial partners, children like Hannah can hear God’s Word in a modern version of their heart language! The Bible Society was also able to distribute Bibles at many Israeli schools. Shortly after copies of the newly translated Hebrew Audio Bible were distributed at one school, a grateful Israeli mother came to the Bible Society office.

“My son cannot stop listening to the Bible,” the mother said. “I see the enormous change in his life. He has joy in his heart, and he loves the Lord. So we came to thank you for this Bible.” And we thank our financial partners for their giving hearts that bring joy to children in Israel and around the world.

Thanks to the support of our faithful financial partners, American Bible Society has been engaging people with the life-changing message of God’s Word for more than 200 years.

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