Scripture transforms entire community!

Bible listening group reveals life-changing light of Christ to Nigerian people.

Many people in Nigeria are caught between poverty and violence and live without hope. Almost half the population suffers from poverty, while recent violent clashes have killed many and forced families from their homes. But into the darkness, a spark of light can change everything!

Support from our financial partners is shining the light of Christ into Nigeria and impacting lives. One village in particular has been completely transformed by an audio Bible listening group. People of all ages, throughout both the Gerem and Tine-Nune communities within the village, expressed their joy and were happy to share their stories of renewal.

“I was involved in all kinds of vices,” admits Solomon*, a local farmer. “I was deeply into alcoholism, smoking, and fighting. I was a notorious man, and everybody knew me, but not for any good reason.”

Curiosity drew Solomon to the listening group. He had no intention of being a part of it . . . but that all changed when God spoke to him through His Word.

“The Word of God started to have some positive impact on me as I began to do away with some of my bad character. The people in the community started seeing the changes and began to ask what happened to me. If I had continued in my former ways of life, I would probably have died or landed in trouble.”

Amala*, a 16-year-old student, says the Bible listening group also impacted her life. “I used to be naughty, stubborn, and disobedient to my siblings and parents. This program has really helped me as I have stopped that way of life.”

Everyone in Ruben’s* life has seen a change. “I used to be very violent and easily provoked to anger. I was very prone to fighting, but since I started attending the Bible listening program, this has changed,” he says. “People come to meet me to say, ‘Thank God for your life. We are seeing tremendous changes in you.’”

This is the kind of life-changing difference our faithful friends are making to the people of Nigeria, and we thank you.

Thanks to the support of our faithful financial partners, American Bible Society has been engaging people with the life-changing message of God’s Word for more than 200 years.

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