“Sober, Gentle, and Calm”

Equipping believers in Ghana with hope from Scripture.

At the young age of 6, Julius* was sent away.

He was sent outside his village in Ghana to work in harsh conditions as a shepherd. He was often alone and slept outside. At times, he felt completely abandoned, unloved, and forgotten.

In a country of extreme poverty, Julius had little to look forward to in life. As he grew, Julius tried to find solace in drinking alcohol and sacrificing to idols. But nothing gave him peace.

“I felt life was not worth living,” he admits.

But because of friends like you, American Bible Society had the chance to send Bibles to Julius’ village. The local church there made the most of the opportunity and got God’s Word into his hands!

For the first time, Julius knew someone cared. In the pages of Scripture, he discovered a God who loved him and who wanted peace and joy for his life.

“I see God speaking to me directly in my own mother tongue,” Julius says. “The Word of God has made me sober, gentle, and calm.”

God transformed Julius’ life! Now, he makes the most of every opportunity he has to live out his faith so others can see. Those who once considered him a troublemaker now respect him for his faith.

American Bible Society financial partners continue to shine the light of truth and hope into poor and desperate regions like Ghana by providing Bibles!

*Name changed to protect privacy

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