Spring/Summer 2009 - Please Pray

I look to the mountains; where will my help come from?
My help will come from the LORD, who made heaven and earth.

Psalm 121.1, 2 (GNT)


Thank God for the successful expansion of the Amity Printing Press facility in Nanjing in 2008. Pray that its increased capacity to print Bibles can match the demand for Scriptures in the expanding church in China and other communities around the world. Pray too, for more funding to purchase the paper required to print the millions of new Bibles. Pray for the recruitment and training of pastors, priests and other church leaders so urgently needed, especially in rural and remote areas, to teach a growing church the good news of God’s Word.

Democratic Republic of Congo

Pray for peace and reconciliation in the east of the country, where fighting has forced nearly a million people from their homes. Pray refugees can be reached by the Bible Society despite difficulties posed by the conflict. Pray God will bring healing through a new joint relief effort begun by the American Bible Society, the Evangelical Church in Central Africa, the county’s largest denomination, and the Bible Society of Congo (BSC) to assist refugees who have fled to a church compound in Dungu. Relief will include Bibles, a month’s supply of food, blankets and hygiene packs. Give thanks to God for the BSC’s long track record of providing Scripture to its suffering people.


Thank God for the successes of the Bible Society’s creative and diverse programs for Bible distribution and education. Their accomplishments have increased the need for a new central warehouse. It will replace the two main warehouses in Cairo that are not sufficient to handle the huge influx of Scriptures, many of which must be imported, to support the Bible Society’s 12 bookstores and many educational and home delivery programs. Pray for the funds to begin construction of this desperately needed facility.


Give thanks for progress in translating the Bible into five more native-American languages. Pray new doors will open for ministry, so that the Bible Society will have more opportunity to share God’s Word, in print and through audio Scriptures, with people in crisis (at-risk youth, our military and prisoners). Pray for a turnaround in the U.S. economy and that of other nations, as more and more people must look for work. Pray for God’s blessing on our new President — that he would have the discernment and wisdom to lead us in accord with God’s will.

West Bank and Gaza

Pray for the thousands suffering from war who are cut off from life essentials such as food and water. Pray that donors will be moved to support a joint effort of the Palestinian Bible Society, the Bible Society in Israel and the Arab-Israeli Bible Society to provide life-saving resources such as emergency medical supplies for hospitals and food coupons for displaced families in Gaza. Pray for the safety of Bible Society workers who are under constant threat of kidnapping and death as they bring on-the-ground care and the Scriptures’ message of hope and peace to many in desperate need.

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