“Thank you for the Bibles.”

Answering the prayers of an orphan in Kenya

Natori* was just a small child in Kenya when he was abandoned by his parents. Homeless and alone, he thought he was saved when another woman took him in. But the woman made Natori and other children beg for money on the streets.

When this woman was killed, Natori and the other children were rescued by police and brought to a police station where they lived until they were taken in by an orphanage.

When he first arrived, Natori did not act like a child. Because of his time at the police station, he thought it was proper to salute the people he met. As he learned how to be a child, he was also learning about the love of Jesus Christ at the orphanage’s church services.

Natori was excited to discover the Good News and asked for a Bible to read. Sadly, the orphanage did not have the resources to afford Bibles.

“We had people bring us clothes, pay our school fees, but no one brought the Word of God,” says the orphanage director. She asked Natori to pray for Bibles.

He did, and because of our generous financial partners, Natori’s prayers were answered just a week and a half later when the Bible Society team arrived with Bibles for every child in the orphanage!

“Thank you for the Bibles,” Natori says with tears in his eyes. “I was wanting one and I have it now. And I like it very much.”

We are so thankful for our partners for blessing Natori and other orphaned and abandoned children in Kenya with Scripture. Because of their help, these children can turn to the Lord for acceptance and comfort.

*Name changed to protect privacy.

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