“That Bible saved my life.”

The gift of God’s Word is bringing new life to families in Vietnam.

There are roughly 100 million people living in Vietnam, and they speak 110 different languages. Bible poverty is a major problem, not only for the poor living in rural communities, but also for those living in larger cities. But a Bible that sat untouched in the home of Trang* and Kim* for a couple of decades was more of a treasure than they could imagine.

Right after Trang and Kim married, Trang turned to alcohol to drown out the shame of poverty. He often drank from sunrise to sunset, coming home so intoxicated that he couldn’t recognize his own children. He would yell drunkenly into the night, terrorizing and sometimes beating Kim. After working in the fields all day, Kim was afraid to enter her own home until Trang finally fell asleep. Some nights, she slept outside under the porch, even in the cold rain. Their home was little more than a leaky hut. Anything of value had long since been sold for more alcohol.

Over the years, Kim prayed for God to change Trang. In sadness and anger, she even prayed for God to kill Trang. At one point, things became so bad, Kim contemplated taking her own life, but sensed the Holy Spirit stopping her.

Trang’s parents had given him a Bible when he was a child. One summer day, instead of getting drunk, he opened his Bible, and the first verse he saw was 1 Peter 5:8: Be sober, be vigilant; because your adversary the devil, as a roaring lion, walketh about, seeking whom he may devour (KJV). As Trang continued reading, God began to change him. Soon after, Trang made his way to the local church and asked to be baptized. He was raised to new life in Christ!

Trang says, “If I had not read that Bible, I would have continued as a drunk and a wife beater . . . I felt so ashamed, but now I feel joy for the first time.” Kim, their children, and the people of their church and community are all shocked by the change. As she shared her story, Kim mentioned that Trang’s Bible has the words “Bible Society” printed on the first page.

Thank you to our partners for helping to provide the life-changing power of God’s Word to the remote villages of Vietnam and beyond!

*Names changed for privacy

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