The Bible as a Financial Advisor

What does the Bible have to offer in terms of reliable financial advice? More than 2,000 Scripture verses to be exact. The Financial Stewardship Bible, released November 2011 by American Bible Society and Compass, shows the Bible is a relevant source of financial wisdom, offering more than 2,000 highlighted passages pertaining to money and finances.

Yet, more Americans would defer to the financial advice of Donald Trump and Kim Kardashian, according to a recent ABS survey, which revealed the following:

  • Out of the 2,262 adults who were interviewed, only 32 percent turn to the Bible for financial guidance.
  • Of the 86 percent who do not turn to the Bible for advice, 24 percent said they believe they would have more money if they did.
  • Fifty percent said they would trust Donald Trump's advice on how to handle their money.
  • One in 10 Americans age 18-34 would entrust Kim Kardashian with financial advice.

“The Bible offers sound advice about managing money, avoiding debt and prospering in difficult times,” affirmed R. Lamar Vest, president of ABS.

The Financial Stewardship Bible contains a 64-page center section to support individual and small group discussion on financial responsibility. Released in November 2011, the Bible is available for purchase at

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