The Bible Brings “Great leaps of joy!”

Scripture translation efforts in Angola are transforming lives.

Like so many in Angola, 12-year-old Abigail* has known little but hardship in her short life. She lives in a small home with no electricity or running water. Her family struggles to survive.

Abigail remembers a time when “we had nothing to wear and nothing to eat. My father abandoned us. He went to work and did not return home ever. My mother wasn’t working. It was hard to face many difficulties.”

Abigail attended church with her mother, but it was difficult to really know God because they did not have a Bible in their native language. Then the moment she had been waiting for arrived! Abigail received a New Testament in her own native language of Umbundu.

“After receiving my new Bible, I gave great leaps of joy in my house. Many smiles of joy. At last,” smiles Abigail, “I have my New Testament!”

Abigail is growing in her faith. “Now that I have the Bible in my hands and in my house, I put it in my bed to read every day the Word of God. Since I follow Christ, He provides everything. Each day that I read, something in me will change. I am very glad to receive this New Testament.”

The support of Bible Society friends made this translation possible! Abigail and her entire family now find comfort and hope in Scripture.

*Name changed to protect privacy

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