“The Bible I Received was Pivotal in Me Accepting Jesus Christ!”

You are providing answers to the most important questions a Soldier can ask!

Before beginning his military career, William Morris* was a New York City public school teacher. He was not a Christian, but one day in 1993, as he passed American Bible Society in Manhattan, he felt compelled to go inside and get a Bible. “I felt it was time to get my life right with God. The Bible I received from American Bible Society was pivotal in me accepting Jesus Christ as my Lord and Savior.”

Four years later, William sensed the call of God to go into ministry. After Bible school, he served for several years as a youth pastor before pursuing military ministry. After earning his Master of Divinity degree and becoming an Army Chaplain, William was immediately assigned combat deployment — to one of the most hostile regions in the world.

“We were fighting ISIS . . . Those Bible resources were truly needed.” Chaplain Morris went on to explain that the greater the danger, the more Soldiers seek answers to questions like, “Does God exist?”

Chaplain Morris saw many Soldiers commit their lives to Christ while he was deployed, and the Bibles our faithful friends help make available were given to them as their first Bibles!

Many of our Troops serving in harm’s way around the world are facing the reality of life and death for the first time. We are thankful to our donors for helping provide Military Members with Scripture and resources when they need it most, so they can find the answers they crave about God and eternity!

*Name changed for privacy

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