“This Bible became like a closest friend . . .”

Providing Bibles to persecuted believers in Burkina Faso.

Finding the resources to live a faithful life is difficult for many people like Adama* in Burkina Faso. More than 40 percent of the population in this country lives below the poverty line, and the lasting impact of the COVID-19 pandemic has severely impaired living conditions for many. In addition, Christians are persecuted, and many need their own Bibles to grow in their faith.

Adama himself felt this pressure when his faith caused a rift in his family. He says, “I crossed a difficult period in my life when I gave my life to Jesus against my parents’ will.”

He recalls, “They had forbidden me to take part in church activities. I was really sorrowful due to my parents’ decision, which was forestalling me to live my Christian faith as I wanted.”

Adama also struggled with his living situation, but he found strength in God’s Word. He explains, “We have neither electricity nor waterpower. Add to this, we have a precarious and difficult life, so I only found comfort through God’s Word.”

Adama faced many challenges without his own Bible to turn to. But thanks to our partners, he finally received his first Bible.

“It was a real joyful feeling for me to have my own Bible,” he says. “I felt by reading the Bible that my knowledge of God was increasing, especially my love for Lord.”

Adama continues, “Now I feel different from the time when I had not any contact with the Bible. This Bible became like a closest friend who could advise me well for life. My relationship with God has become so strong, and my spiritual life continues blossoming.”

The support of our generous friends helps bring spiritual healing to people like Adama in Burkina Faso and around the world.

“I’m grateful to the Lord who allowed me to get my first Bible. My thanks go to the Bible Society.”

*Name changed for privacy

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