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As a young man, Pastor Batsal* was plagued by alcoholism and often got into fights. In his words, his life was meaningless. He and his family are Sonaha, a very poor people group in Nepal made up of mostly Hindus who are hostile to Christianity.

So when he gave his life to Christ in 1992, the reception at home was less than welcoming. His parents kicked him out. With nowhere to go, no food, and no money, his newfound faith was instantly challenged. He took refuge in a cow hut on the outskirts of his rural village and fished in the river for his food . . . and continued to pray.

Over the years, Pastor Batsal’s faith grew. He was diligent to study and share God’s Word, but he was hindered since he only had a Nepali Bible (his second language) while his heart language is Sonaha.

Pastor Batsal was overjoyed when he recently received one of the very FIRST Sonaha New Testament translations. Now, he can understand the Word of God more deeply, and he finds it easier to teach the growing Sonaha Christian community about the love of Jesus. His parents have also become Christians!

There were many challenges to finishing the Sonaha New Testament translation, including the pandemic, devastating flooding, and landslides. But one of the biggest hurdles was the fact that Sonaha was only a spoken language — there was no written form. With a joyful smile, Pastor Batsal says, “This Bible changed my life. It will preserve the Sonaha language for generations in the form of the living Word of God.”

Thank you to our friends for helping translate God’s Word for Pastor Batsal and all the Sonaha people so they can know the life-transforming power of the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

*Name changed for privacy

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