Your generosity is reaching a new generation in Vietnam.

Mia* and her family are part of the Tai Dón ethnic group living in the mountainous regions of northern Vietnam . Since the Tai Dón people are treated as a minority group there, many families are underprivileged and very poor.

Though Mia enjoys reading, she has never had a book of her own. You can imagine how ecstatic she became when she was presented with a set of the very first children’s Bible storybooks printed in the Tai Dón language. “I love this gift! Thank you so much,” she said as her eyes sparkled with joy.

These very colorful, beautifully illustrated books teach children about Jesus’s birth, betrayal, crucifixion, and ascension. The stories are compiled from the recently completed Tai Dón New Testament translation that is scheduled to be printed later this year. All the children who received the four-book children’s sets have been very excited to begin learning about Jesus.

“These are the only books in the Tai Dón language that I have,” Mia shares. She has already begun to read them with friends from church and schoolmates. For her friends who can’t read Tai Dón, she says, “I will explain the stories to them. They will love the books because they are so colorful.”

Thanks to faithful partners like you, this first Tai Dón New Testament translation will share the Good News with people who may never have heard about Jesus otherwise. Plans also include the development of New Testament audio Bibles.

Thank you for helping provide God’s Word for the Tai Dón children and adults in their heart language. You are helping change lives and eternities through your faithful support.

*Names changed to protect privacy.

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