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We thought you might enjoy getting to know our donor support team better. They are here to help connect your passion for God's Word with active ministry around the world. Please don't hesitate to contact us.

Melinda Trine

Meet Melinda Trine, our director of Donor Care. She heads up efforts to ensure that the needs of donors are met.

“I like to have conversations with donors where I can hear their passion for the Word… it's inspiring to hear how donors have come to the Bible Society through the years,” Melinda says. Working with ABS has allowed Melinda to travel the world, visiting places she has a heart for, such as Israel and China, and seeing the mission of ABS in action. When she's not hard at work, Melinda is a “voracious reader” and loves to write. She's also engaged to be married.


Oswald “Rudy” Doyle

“Rudy” Doyle ensures that donations and transactions are processed correctly and honors donors' intent. Rudy is a long-term employee of ABS.

One of Rudy's favorite parts of his job is “...seeing the connection between a donor's gift and the resulting life change. I enjoy helping to get the dollars to the correct project, being part of our mission's core value of stewardship.”

Outside of ABS, Rudy has a family and two delightful grown daughters, is an avid soccer fan, and referees for several different leagues. He's originally from the Caribbean.


Alcira Lafferty

Alcira Lafferty is continually fielding donors' questions and concerns, fulfilling requests and making sure that issues are resolved quickly and efficiently.

“i love building relationships, talking with donors, finding out what their needs are. I love the serving end of this job…” Alcira says. “I think it's great that… I get such an opportunity to share the Scriptures with people in pretty much every situation.”

Alcira is the mother of two grown children. During her free time, Alcira enjoys gardening, reading, exercising and art. She's originally from Cuba and can speak Spanish fluently.


Serving You

We're here to serve you and are ready to answer any questions you may have, such as:

• Allocating resources to the appropriate ministry project

• Locating your donation

• Updating your credit card information

Call 800-322-4253 or email us with your questions and concerns.

Give online at: ABSRecord.com/GiveBibles

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