“We were in the darkness . . .”

Giving the Bible to the Deaf in their language!

Imagine not knowing much of what goes on around you because you don’t understand the language — even among your own people. That is the isolation and fear many deaf people live with daily.

Sign languages — over 400 in the world — have their own syntax and grammar, with no connection to the spoken language in the country. There are over 300 million people who are deaf in the world, and 80 percent are illiterate with no language at all!

The Deaf need the hope and comfort of God’s Word!

That is why the Hanoi Sign Language video Bible dedication in Vietnam late last fall was such a reason to celebrate! More than 200 guests from Northern Vietnam and even the Philippines worshipped together and dedicated the effort to God.

Duong*, a church leader in the Deaf community, says, “Our pain and isolation kept us from trusting anyone in this world, but Jesus’s stories have brought us light and the ability to trust again. We were in the darkness, but the translation of the Bible into sign language has helped to lead us into the light when we learned about Jesus in our own language.”

Currently, the sign language video Bible has been uploaded online with unrestricted access. Whoever wants to read the Bible in sign language can now freely view it anywhere.

This is life-changing news for someone like Giang* who grew up in a village without a Deaf church. He says, “Now I know that my relationship with Jesus is the most important part of my life. These stories in sign language will help me to grow in this relationship.”

The support of friends like you helps continue Bible translation efforts and provides Bibles for the Deaf in different countries around the world.

*Names changed to protect privacy.

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