Pray for the literacy program conducted through the local Bible Society in Burundi. Sixty-five percent of the nation is illiterate: School dropout rates are high as a result of civil war and poverty. Pray for those who accept the Bible as reading and literacy learning material.


Praise God for the 8,000 people of Iraq who received Scripture in Arabic at a book fair there. Ask God to strengthen the country’s persecuted Christians. Praise God as well for the 3,000 Kurdish-speaking people who received Scripture in their language for the first time.


Pray for those in Rwanda who are infected with HIV — an estimated 11 percent of the population. Pray for churches, youth clubs and community organizations who are working to educate Rwandans about HIV prevention with Scripture-based educational booklets. Pray for more trainers to conduct this teaching.


Pray for disadvantaged children in the United States who are expanding their reading skills through a joint partnership with the American Bible Society and The Salvation Army. Pray that they will enjoy the experience of reading God’s Word and that their lives will be changed as a result.

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