Photo courtesy of John Mathews

Certain images from my ministry trip to China have imprinted themselves forever in my memory, reminding me that the Bible is indeed a precious gift.

It's the sight of hundreds of Chinese people — young and old — who walked for hours to churches and waited even longer in those sacred spaces to receive their own copies of the Bible.

It's the elderly woman who took her copy of God's Word and kissed it, then hugged it closely to herself.

It's the young father who tucked his sacred gift in his knapsack, got on his bike, picked up his young child and gleefully rode off to share the Bible with his family.

It's the joy that radiated on the faces of every person — all of whom were poor farmers and peasants — who considered themselves rich beyond measure for having received their own copy of the Bible.

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These images humbled me and made me appreciate God's Word even more. Some of these people have waited all their lives for a Bible. Knowing this gave me a true appreciation that the Word of God is a precious gift.

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