Mom, Refresh Your Heart and Guide Your Children in God’s Word This Mother’s Day

These five ways to engage with Scripture can inspire your faith and help you shepherd your children

Teach children how they should live, and they will remember it all their life.

Proverbs 22:6 (GNT)

Mother’s Day is famous for its heartfelt gifts.

Fistfuls of dandelions from your toddler, who wanted to give you her favorite flowers.

Breakfast in bed, complete with orange juice on your sheets and a sink full of pancake batter.

Hand-painted portraits of your family commissioned by Dad, who unfortunately couldn’t intercept the artists before they also decorated your kitchen walls with a few small handprints.

You know motherhood is full of messy moments. Over the past two years, your experience of motherhood has probably been messier than normal: disrupted schedules, virtual school, Zoom church services, distance from family and friends. After so much change, it’s normal to feel exhausted—physically, emotionally, and spiritually.

One of the sweetest gifts you can give your children is love for God’s Word. But lately, you might feel like you aren’t doing enough to shepherd your children in Scripture. You may have even noticed a decrease in your own time in God’s Word—and you aren’t alone.

According to new State of the Bible research, women with children are struggling to stay rooted in God’s Word as they try to adjust to a “new normal.” While this group was one of the most engaged in God’s Word pre-pandemic (33% compared to 28% of women without children at home), only 15% of women with children at home are regularly engaging with Scripture today.

You might see signs of this shift in your own family, church, and community—and you might feel discouraged. Will your children remember the lessons you’re trying to teach them? Will they grow up to love God’s Word?

After a challenging season, there are signs of hope. As it turns out, for Americans who use the Bible, at least 73 percent were introduced to it as children. And for many Americans, the faith of their mothers—even with all its messy moments—is one of the biggest spiritual influences in their lives.

This Mother’s Day, as you treasure each heartfelt gift from your children, you can find grace and refreshment for your soul in Scripture. Use these five simple, practical ways to reintegrate Bible moments into your family routine as you give your children the gift of growing up with God’s Word.

Try a Kid-Friendly Reading Plan

You want your children to hide God’s Word in their hearts—but reading the Bible each day can be a challenge, even for you! With kid-friendly reading plans, you can help your children experience God’s love for them through Scripture. Try asking your older kids to choose a Bible reading plan to read together over a few days or weeks. Introduce your younger kids to short, easy-to-memorize Bible passages or some of the Bible’s best-known stories through tools like the Bible App for Kids. You can even help your littlest children learn about God through his Word before they can read!

Pray with Your Family

You want to teach your children that they can be honest with you, no matter what. In the same way, wants God you to be honest with him. He invites you to tell him about your hardest days—the struggles, the frustrations, the exhaustion, all of it! You can bring your children into this special relationship with God by praying together as a family. As you follow Jesus’s example and pray honestly, your children will be encouraged to grow in their own prayer life. You can even begin to guide your children in daily prayer with practical resources like these five creative prayer ideas.

Connect with Other Moms

As you seek to grow your children in God’s Word, you can find strength and encouragement by connecting with other moms. Consider joining a mom’s group or Bible study at your church. Share your prayer requests with other moms and pray for their specific needs. If you struggle to find time for God’s Word in your busy schedule, ask another mom to help you. You can read the same Bible study plan or devotional book and share thoughts on what you learn. This way, you can keep each other accountable as you remind each other of God’s promises (find free Bible studies and other resources to get you started here). By walking alongside other moms, you can find fresh encouragement in your walk with God.

Create Bible-Focused Reminders for Your Home

During busy days, you might struggle to remember the promises you read in God’s Word. Creating Bible-focused reminders for yourself can help you follow Scripture’s command to hide God’s Word in your heart—and in your home (Deuteronomy 11:18-21). Whether it’s your favorite verse framed above your bed or a Bible-themed coloring page on the fridge, these words of life around your home can help you remember God’s love for you throughout the day. You can invite your children to join you in adding their favorite verses from the Bible to their bedrooms, desks, or lunch boxes!

Refresh Your Bible Reading Routine

Some days, you might not be able to find five spare minutes to sit down and read God’s Word. Other days, you might feel your mind wandering as you try—and fail—to focus on the words on the page. Refreshing your Bible reading with new, creative practices can help you keep Scripture in your daily routine. Try listening to an audio version of Scripture, finding a kid-friendly devotional video online, or working with your children on an art project inspired by a passage of Scripture. You can also use different Bible engagement strategies like Scripture journaling, picturing Scripture, or Scripture contemplation.


This Mother’s Day and every day, you can find comfort in God’s promise to be with you as you care for your family. He offers you strength and encouragement through his Word and the Holy Spirit. Even in your most difficult parenting moments, you can find hope, rest, and comfort in Scripture. By returning to Scripture again and again—even when it’s hard—you model your faith for your children and teach them the lessons they will remember all their lives. And that’s one of the best gifts you can give.

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Elisabeth Trefsgar
Elisabeth Trefsgar

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