World Prayer List: May 2023

Join us in prayer for God’s salvation to reach the nations of the earth.

My temple will be called a house of prayer for the people of all nations.

Isaiah 56:7b GNT

As nations around the world face political, socio-economic, climate, religious, and other challenges, we urge you to PRAY!

Your prayers are powerful, and they can impact nations. That’s why Scripture encourages us to pray for people of all nations.

God works through our prayers to bring his salvation and healing to the ends of the earth. And it is through your prayers that our global partners—a world-wide network of Bible Societies operating in over 240 countries and territories—are strengthened in their mission to share the life-changing message of the Bible with all people everywhere. Through Bible translation, Bible distribution, Bible-based Trauma Healing, Bible literacy, and Bible engagement programs, millions are discovering God’s love in the pages of Scripture!

But this work is impossible without your prayers.

Join us as we pray that all nations will experience the light of Jesus and that God will continue to bless Bible Societies around the world as they share the gospel of Jesus Christ. Here are specific prayer requests we’ve received recently from Bible Societies.

Pray for:

  • Sudan. Pray that God will protect the staff of the Bible Society of Sudan, as they face the current political crisis, and that the nation will return to peace.
  • Turkey. Pray that God will strengthen the staff of the Bible Society in Turkey and give them wisdom as their country is enduring difficult times because of the recent earthquake, economic turbulence, flash floods, and as the presidential election approaches. Pray for those affected by the earthquake, especially for the Christian brothers and sisters in biblical Antioch (southern Turkey) that they will find strength and hope as they rebuild their lives.
  • Palestine. Pray that God will grant the Bible Society of Palestine favor, peace, and stability as they continue sharing the Good News of Jesus with their communities. And pray for them and their families as they travel through the country.
  • The Gulf. Pray that God will bless and equip the Bible Society in the Gulf (serving seven nations in the Arabian Peninsula) as they reach out to migrant workers through the End-to-End program and Trauma Healing Ministry. Pray that the leaders engaged in these programs will grow in their passion for this work and that God will provide all they need. Pray for the migrant workers being blessed through these efforts. Finally, pray for the success of audio distribution efforts. Pray that those who receive audio Bibles will grow in their faith and zeal to reach out to others.
  • Israel. Pray that the freedom to share the Word of God will continue in Israel. Pray that the translation of the Hebrew Old Testament into Modern Hebrew will be completed professionally and on time and that it will touch many hearts. Pray for the protection of the Bible Society staff and that there will be no obstacles to their work. And finally, pray that more and more people will turn to God and receive his salvation.
  • Jordan. Pray that the right people will join the Bible Society of Jordan in the coming days. Also pray for the staff as they face a transitional time, that the Lord may give them strength to continue the ministry with the passion and energy needed.
  • Gambia. Pray for believers in Gambia that they will be encouraged in the face of trial and that Bible Society in Gambia will be strengthened as they provide Bibles and Scripture resources in this season.

To help you pray for nations facing crisis, we created God’s Comfort in Crisis. This prayer guide is designed to focus your prayers on the Bible’s promises for those around the world who are suffering. We hope you are inspired to pray for the nations of the earth. May Jesus shine his light in every nation, we pray. Amen.

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