Thanks to you, God’s Word is touching hearts and changing lives in Mexico.

In addition to Spanish, more than 60 different native languages are still spoken in the indigenous communities in Mexico. Roughly 60 percent of the people in those communities, like Miguel*, do not know how to read or write in their native languages.

Miguel and his family live in a small mountain village at the southernmost tip of Mexico. He and his wife still speak their native Chol Tumbalá language, but their children and grandchildren speak both Chol and Spanish.

Even though Miguel has been a Christian for more than 55 years, he never had the opportunity to attend school or learn to read, and he never had access to a Bible in his heart language.

Through the support of Friends like you, the Bible Society is providing audio Bibles in native-language translations to Mexican communities and churches where illiteracy or blindness hinder people from reading a printed Bible.

The Chol Tumbalá audio Bible has brought Miguel’s family together in a new way to listen to God’s Word every day.

Thank you for giving thousands of families in Mexico and beyond the opportunity to listen to and understand the Good News of Jesus Christ in their heart language!

*Name changed for privacy

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