Historic Celebration

Nanjing, China: New Amity Printing Press


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At the Amity Press supporters and workers gather at the ribbon-cutting ceremony to celebrate the opening of the new facility. Photo courtesy of United Bible Society

The official opening of the new Amity Printing Press was celebrated on May 18 in Nanjing, China. Kua Wee Seng, coordinator of the UBS China partnership, board members of the American Bible Society and many Chinese dignitaries and officials were on hand to mark the historic achievements of the factory.

Although from the outside the Nanjing Amity Printing Co. looks little different from the Ford and Motorola factories nearby, what is produced there is Bibles — up to 42 every minute.

“It’s important that everyone is able to read the Bible,” said Ma Wei, a blind Amity employee who first read the Bible in 1995 and became a Christian in 2001. “Because of the factory, there are more and more believers,” he said. From an article by Craig Simons in The Atlanta Journal Constitution (ajc.com)

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