Hungry and Hopeless, One Boy Found Strength in God’s Word

While searching for his next meal, young Damon relied on the Bible for hope

Damon’s stomach growled. He longed for a meal—and the nutrients to sustain another day—but on this night, he had nothing to eat.

Several years ago, during the economic downturn, Damon’s mother lost her job. Without an income, she couldn’t make ends meet, and their lives into an everyday struggle.

“When I looked in my refrigerator and realized there was no food, I knew I had to do something,” she began.

And so, out of desperation, Damon and his mother visited a local food mission. They felt uncomfortable. They felt ashamed. And they felt hopeless. But the moment they entered the mission, they felt loved and accepted.

Inside, Damon and his mother received a relief box filled with food and Scripture. Made possible by American Bible Society and Operation Compassion—a relief organization that supports families in need—these boxes provided hope for Damon, his mother and their hungry neighbors.

After sorting through their box, and settling into the mission, Damon and his mother attended a Bible class. They prayed with leaders about their struggle to make ends meet. And they took home a box full of food, a provision that seemed out of reach just hours before.

For Damon and his mother, the experience made a life-changing impact—both physically and spiritually.

“We got love, food, and most importantly…a brand new Bible,” Damon’s mother continued. “Reading the Word of God is the best thing that ever happened to us!”

Today, Damon continues to read his Bible. Even when faced with the unknown, he clings to God’s Word.

“Damon loves reading his Bible,” his mom says. “His smile has returned.”

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