“My life has changed dramatically.”

Former communist nation reached with the hope of God’s Word!

Albi* had big dreams. He grew up as a Muslim in the former communist country of Albania. As a child, he played soccer and wanted to be a professional athlete.

However, poverty kept him from the proper nutrition and opportunities to excel. Albi’s hopes were crushed.

“I had to leave my dream,” Albi says. “It was a terrible time for me.”

The rough neighborhood he lived in could have sent Albi down the wrong path. “I was all the time frustrated and tense. The area was considered to be dangerous for people because someone could steal things from you, beat you, and more.”

However, friends like you invested in the perfect strategy to reach Albi.

“Teams of young people would come together from different churches and read Bible passages together before going to play a [soccer] match,” Albi recalls. “This was unbelievable for me. How practical and beautiful was the approach and the ‘hook’ to receive a Bible and also read it.”

Albi also received a Bible as a gift. He admits, “In the beginning, I didn’t really relate to the Bible . . . I was still a Muslim in my head. But then, when I started to go to church, to spend time with my new friends, and also discuss Bible verses with them, I started to understand it better and made my decision to follow Christ.”

Today, Albi says, “It is the Word of God that guides every step that I take.” Albi leads a small Bible study group with young people from his church. He says the Scripture he received “has a language that helps young believers or non-believers to grasp the meaning of the Word of God easier.”

“My life has changed dramatically,” Albi says. “I feel I have a purpose in my life. Without the Bible, I would have a life without any light and dreams.”

Generosity from our friends helped give Albi a new dream — to share the message of Jesus Christ with others. “I had the privilege to benefit from the Bible Society programs, especially through the Living Word. I got to know God more deeply, and I have a tool to use in my weekly ministry with the young people at my church.”

Thank you to our generous partners for helping to reach people of all ages in the country of Albania through the power of God’s Word.

*Name changed for privacy

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