Record Fall 2007 Issue

Tell Every Nation: Scripture translation in the 21st century; Heaven and Earth: Former astronaut Frank Borman; Dr. Lamar Vest; Elizabeth Sedat; Azerbaijan, Cameroon, Kazakhstan, Russia

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Back to the Future

Dr. Lamar Vest is the former presiding bishop of the Church of God. Photo by Jon SimonFor the Record engages Dr. Lamar Vest, executive vice president for Global Scripture Ministries, in a conversation about his...

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Heaven and Earth

Photo courtesy of NASA”He named the land ‘Earth,’ and the water which had come together he named ‘Sea.’ And God was pleased with what he saw.” Genesis 1.10 (GNT)It was Christmas Eve, 1968. Commander Frank...

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Tell Every Nation

Sri Lanka. Photo by Rune HansenA small group of Bible translators gathers in a remote stone farmhouse, in the deep snow of an Ontario winter. They come from many Native American tribes; some from as...

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