Record Fall 2022 Issue

This issue of Record magazine is full of inspiring stories of salvation. In it, you’ll meet brave Ukrainians sharing God’s hope with others in an hour of darkness. You’ll meet a people group in Argentina who put an end to tribal warfare after receiving the Bible in their heart language. You’ll meet a prodigal thief who planned to rob his very own father—until he met Jesus in the Scriptures. And you’ll meet courageous members of the U.S. Military community sharing God’s message of salvation with our Troops. We give thanks for the generous gifts and fervent prayers that helped write these many stories of salvation!

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Bibles for Ukraine

“It feels like a movie about the end of the world.” That’s how Ukrainian Bible Society leader Anatoliy describes wartime in his home city of Kyiv. During this horrific year, he has ministered to...

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Woman of the War

Your prayers and support have sustained suffering Ukrainian Christians amid a devastating war. You’ve empowered them to read and share the hope of God’s Word in the face of death, destruction, and despair. ...

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Thank You Notes from around the World

From the Santal Tribe in Bangladesh Because of you, the Santal tribal people, who live in the northwestern plains of Bangladesh, now hold the complete Bible in their hands and hearts. Through a Bible translation...

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Our First Bible: 20 Years Later

Have you ever wanted to ride in a time machine? Today you can! Back in the year 2002, the Wichí people of northern Argentina received the Bible in their heart language for the very first time....

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The Born Again Thief

Abraham’s anxious eyes scanned the wide dirt lanes of his village. If only he could find a place to hide. A hiding place wouldn’t be so hard to find in the city, where...

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Bibles for the Brave

Q: Tell us a little about yourself, T.J.! A: I live in Kentucky and have attended the same Christian school since I was in preschool. One of my favorite hobbies is to collect animal...

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Basic Spiritual Training

Basic Combat Training in not easy. In fact, the 10 weeks may be the toughest thing the Soldiers will accomplish during their lives. Trainees going through BCT will undergo physical and mental transformations ... They will face...

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