Record Fall 2019 Issue

Your prayers and gifts provide life-changing Bibles for people around the world. In this issue of Record, hear one American Veteran’s story on how a large-print King James Veteran’s Edition Bible turned his life around. Read how you’re bringing healing to thousands of broken hearts in Guatemala. And celebrate with us how people in the United States and abroad are receiving their First Bibles ever!

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The Fight for One Man’s Soul

Bomb blasts. Burning oil fields. Rounds and rounds of ammunition spent. Rounds and rounds of lives lost. As a U.S. Navy flight deck mechanic, Andy Lindgren trained aircrews and readied planes to take on...

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When God Weeps with Us

Lesbia grew up in the good and beautiful places of Guatemala. She lived in a good neighborhood. She had parents who loved her and teachers who ignited her passion for learning. Where she lived, the...

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An Audio Bible in a Ugandan Nursing Home Brings Willy Purpose

Audio Bibles Willy Twalyahikayo has not had an easy life. He had to drop out of school early to work in the notoriously unsafe copper mines in Kilembe, Uganda. Although the mines made him sick,...

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You’re Giving People their First Bibles!

First BiblesKimbundu in Angola The Angolan church says, “How can we evangelize our neighbors without a Bible in our language?” Thanks to you, the first ever Bible in Kimbundu is nearing completion! In 2020, this people...

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Signing the Good News

Sign Language Bibles Did you know that no complete Bible exists in any sign language? Thanks to your prayers and generous support, that’s about to change! We’re working with Deaf communities worldwide to...

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Good News for America: Bibles, Healing, and Military Devotionals!

Where do you go to find a Bible in another language? It’s often difficult for non-English speakers in the U.S. to find a Bible in the language they best understand, so we provide...

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Readers Turned Healers

God led this husband and wife on an unforgettable journey of healing—and it all started when they read a simple magazine article like this one. Names: Victoria and Steve Sanford Location: Southern California ...

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Will God Provide?

My grandfather was an intensely generous man. His wife, my grandmother, was proud of him for it, but sometimes his generosity challenged her ideas of stability. Once on a visit to my mother, my grandfather...

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