A Battle Against Brutality in the Congo

September 15, 2010 | Maria Wolf

Flora, 27, raised goats and worked in other forms of agriculture in the Eastern Democratic Republic…

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500th Bible Translation Commemorated

September 15, 2010

A painting presented to American Bible Society by Wycliffe to commemorate the 500th Bible translation…

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Online Ministry: Anytime, Anywhere You Are

September 12, 2010

Through Journeys, God's Word can be delivered by SMS and a variety of…

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Arab Gulf: Laborers Find Joy Amid Struggle

September 12, 2010 | Jennica Stevens

Migrant worker, DubaiPrakash wakes up each morning surrounded by sand, heat and a burden of…

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Hot Meals and Hope in West Virginia

September 12, 2010

Carolyn Floyd with one of the children of the center. Photo by Michael Gibeault.With…

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Youth 'Take Charge' in Malawi

August 08, 2010 | Jennica Stevens

Students participate in the Take Charge Program along with their teacher, Annie Jere (in purple…

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Walls Tumble in Jericho

August 08, 2010 | Jennica Stevens

Women at the Jesus House of Prayer learn about health care, nutrition and microenterprise so…

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Soul for the Streets

August 04, 2010

Stephen Tavani (center), president of WOW International shares a copy of Elementz of Life™…

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Mozambique: Life After HIV/AIDS

July 20, 2010 | Jennica Stevens

Rosalina Matola (right) and Rhoda Gathoga, Research Director of Global Scripture Impact.She greets visitors…

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Hope Unwrapped for India's Children

July 20, 2010

Julia Oliver cradles “Hannah”, an infant who was abandoned at the…

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